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Bob Dockerty and Harry Dockerty Larkins Brewery

The Larkins Brewery was founded in 1986 when Bob Dockerty, together with his parents Marjorie and Ted, purchased the equipment from the ailing Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewery in Grange Road, Rusthall.

Having been a keen home brewer as well as a commercial hop grower for many years, Bob had all the know-how to start brewing immediately under the Larkins name in the Grange Road site, whilst at the same time, preparations were being made to move the production facility to a former cowshed on Bob's farm in Chiddingstone. The production facility was re-located to Larkins Farm in 1988 where it has remained ever since. The Brewery has always been a small close-knit team which currently comprises Owner and Managing Director Bob, his Nephew and Head Brewer Harry Dockerty, Brewer Chris Taylor, Office Manager Guy Beckett and Drayman Mick Howard.